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Baby E! Vader's Little Princess

In May of 2013, myself and a friend of my fiance's shot Mike and Sara's beautiful wedding at The Elkridge Furnace Inn. My fiance is one of Mike's best friends, and was a groomsman at their wedding. Their wedding was incredible beginning with their ceremony in the pouring rain. They wanted nothing more than to be married outside, and they didn't let the rain stop them! All of the guests followed suit, stood under umbrellas as we listened to their touching and loving vows to each other. These 2 are so in love and we couldn't have been happier for them. They are 2 super sweet and kind people, you can't help but smile when you're around them; it's contagious!

Fast forward 2+ years later, and they're expecting their first child! Their announcement was a photo of them holding the sonogram image, along with each holding a cute Star Wars book; one titled Darth Vader and Son, the other titled Vader's Little Princess. They found out it's a princess, and I was so excited when they asked me to do their maternity session. One of the first things I asked her to bring was the Vader's Little Princess book, followed by her Over the Moon sweater. They're both big Ohio State fans, and at her shower they got 2 adorable Ohio State onesies which she also brought. We went to historic Havre de Grace last weekend, took some photos on the promenade and at the very bench where Mike proposed to Sara which was really cute. After that we walked back on the promenade, made a couple more stops along the way, then finished up at the lighthouse. These 2 are so much fun to work with and were nothing but smiles and laughter. Between shooting images, walking around and catching up, we were out there for almost 3 hours! The weather was fantastic and helped to make it a perfect afternoon turned evening for these 2 and their little bundle of joy. Only 3 more weeks until she comes! Congrats again Mike & Sara, you guys will be great parents!


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Becky & Craig: Anniversary Session Becky and Craig are dear friends of mine, and 2 of the sweetest people you could ever meet. They'd do anything for anyone and not ask for a single thing in return. There's such a calm about them, and you feel it whenever you're around them. But don't let that fool you; they're just as witty and sarcastic as the next person! Not only are they great people to have in your life, their love for each other is so undeniable, it's clear that they're meant for each other. Like every couple, they've had their share of ups and downs, but they've stuck together and have become stronger as people and as a couple.

September is their 5 year anniversary, so Kyle and I wanted to do an earlier session with them since they'll be on vacation the weekend of their anniversary. We decided to go to Harford Glen, and I was nervous with the recent weather we'd been getting. There was a chance of rain during the session, but thankfully it stayed away again, but it was warm and humid! They were troopers though; the sun kept coming and going, which made it hotter each time the sun crept out. There were a couple of people and families walking around, but we were able to utilize each spot I had wanted once the areas cleared out. I couldn't be happier for these 2, and I'm excited to see what the next 5 years brings them. I love you guys!


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Katie & Boomer: KABOOM! Katie and Boomer are my neighbors, and really nice, awesome people. I first met Boomer when he came over 1 day to help my fiance Kyle with a project. Boomer is not his real name; just a nickname that he's gone by since a kid. It took us a little bit to get used to calling him that, but we're used to it now. We exchanged conversation, finding out that he's a Steelers fan and talking about how they'd beat our Ravens that year. Then we met Katie, and after quickly becoming friends and hanging out with them, I just love them together. They are a perfect fit for each other, and we couldn't be happier for them. When we got their save the date, we laughed because under their photos they combined their names and added 1 of those signs you'd see in a comic book with the word KABOOM in capitals. I loved it!

My fiance and I will be at their wedding next month, but since we will be guests not photographers, we wanted to do a mini photo session with them. We've thrown out the idea once or twice before, but could never get our schedules right to do one. We finally got a chance to take them out to Susquehanna St. Park in Havre de Grace, by the old mill. It was such a gorgeous day and just the right temperature; thankfully the rain decided to stay under wraps that day. When we arrived, there were a few families down by the mill and adjoining house, so we started up on the hill at the main house and the old church. By the time we finished up there, we had the mill to ourselves for photos.

Kyle and I took turns shooting them, so while he was up, I was his light stand and vice-versa.

I was cleaning up our gear about to move to the next spot where Kyle was setting up. As I stood up, I saw this and immediately snapped a few; good thing I didn't put my camera away yet! I'm pretty sure they didn't even know I took these until later.

Katie & Boomer, congratulations again, and we can't wait for you guys to tie the knot next month!

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Juli & Brett: Rustic Backyard Wedding When I first met with Juli and her mother to discuss the details of the wedding, she had so many ideas of what she wanted to do, and how they envisioned everything set-up. I soon realized that this would be unlike any other wedding I've photographed, and I was very much up to the task. Her and Brett decided to have an untraditional, laid-back wedding, with just a ceremony and cake cutting, and I was completely ok with that! They didn't want to have all the attention on them, and wanted it to feel more like a big family and friends get-together. With a beautiful dress from David's Bridal, amazing rustic-chic decor, beautiful flowers from Flower Expressions in Perry Hall, delicious pit beef and pit ham from Fast Eddies, a mouthwatering dessert bar with cupcakes and cake from Flavor Cupcakery, and great tunes from Detour Dave, what's not to love about this wedding? I didn't get to meet Brett until the day of the wedding, and he was just as nice as Juli. They make a really cute couple, and I was very happy for them. Unfortunately, there was a chance of thunderstorms that night around the time of the reception, and Juli made sure she had tents for backup. Boy did they come in handy that night! Luckily we were able to get some night shots in once the rain turned to a slight sprinkle.


I thought their first look was cute; I loved how he was looking down as she was about to come from behind the tree.

After the first look, we drove about a minute down the street to this incredibly awesome barn for some portraits. Juli knows the owner's son, and he was happy to let us use it for a backdrop. It was a bit warm and humid out, so we didn't stay out there too long. I didn't want them too uncomfortable for photos; they were troopers though! I love Brett's sharp attire; I can't imagine how hot he must've been, but he looked very handsome.

Juli also told me about this stream and bridge she wanted some photos on as well at Laurel Brook. We headed there next which was maybe another 5 minutes from her parents' house. There wasn't much bridge traffic there, so we got lucky. I'm really glad she suggested this location too; the surrounding greenery and water made it a really relaxing time there. My 2nd shooter and really good friend Dee was awesome at making Juli and Brett laugh to get them relaxed in front of the camera.

I love that Juli's sons walked her out; it was really cute. As they all stepped out of the house, everyone let out an "Aww." Brett was standing with his daughter as they were walking out, and her face was just as cute!

Juli found this door at a new place in Bel Air called The Green Door. I loved her ideas on this makeshift photobooth; and so did everyone else! 

I took the newly joined family to the front of the house for a few quick family photos. I loved that when I asked the kids to give me some "sass," they all did something different. And Julis' sons' suspenders and bowties; adorable.


Congratulations Brett and Juli! 




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Ellie and Chase I ended the weekend with Ellie and Chase for their Christmas card session. I again suggested Jerusalem Mill, not just because I love shooting there, but because Ellie had never been there before, so I was excited to show her the grounds and what it had to offer. I have a feeling we might come back here in the future.

It was a very chilly morning, so Chase decided that Ellie and him should run back and forth across the bridge, followed by jumping to get warmed up.

I love this small house. Chase kept asking if anyone lived in it, because he wanted to go in and see what was inside. Both of us said spiders lived there, and he cringed at the word. His face was cute; we couldn't help but laugh when he cringed and shook his head, it was adorable!

Ellie and Chase were being such troopers in the cold air, but Chase asked very nicely if he could put the Ravens blanket around him so he could stay warm. I was happy to give it to him and Ellie wrapped him up; he said "Thank you mommy." So polite! We had 1 happy boy on our hands. I thought he looked adorable all bundled up!

3-5-22 Christa & Daniel wedding I had so much fun with these 2, even though it was very cold out; They both stuck it out with me, and as cold as Chase was, he didn't get cranky or act out once; he's an awesome 3 year old. Merry Christmas Ellie and Chase, see you soon!

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Pete, Jackie, Mandi & Nicholas I play coed softball with Pete, and during this past season, he asked if I'd take some family photos of them so they'd have some new ones to frame. I suggested Jerusalem Mill in Kingsville, because there is not a single bad spot on those grounds for photos of any kind be it families, children, or engagement sessions. We met there on a gorgeous fall day albeit a little breezy, but with a perfect setting sun, gorgeous grounds, and great looking family, I knew it would be a good session. We started off across the street behind one of the caretakers houses in a big open field. 

When I asked them to cover their eyes, I couldn't help but giggle because it was so cute!

Then we made our way back across the road to finish the rest of the session in another open field, in an open-wood structure, and in front of a blacksmith shop. I also wanted to make sure I got some of just Pete and Jackie, following some of just the kids having fun laughing and jumping. These kids were very well behaved, and were awesome at doing what I was asking them to do. It was so easy!


I loved how the sun was coming in at the right time while we were in this field; just enough!

I'm not exactly sure what this structure is or was supposed to be, but it's been this way for a long time, and I love getting shots in it! The kids had fun posing in it. And those haystacks they sat on just happened to be there; even better! I love the bright red doors on the front of the blacksmith house too!

These 2 are so adorable!

And sassy! Look at Mandi sticking her leg out!

We ended the session down by the stream; I couldn't think of a better place to end at. Although some of the rocks were tricky and slippery, everyone made it up and down ok, and I'm happy they wanted to stand right by the water. And the kids weren't tired of smiling yet either! See what I mean about gorgeous backdrops here? I had a fantastic time with this family, and I can't wait for the next session!


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